Welcome to our new location (since Easter 2019):

Valantine Rd Shops, Alexandra Hills

(corner of Valantine Rd, Bluebell St and Abelia St)

It is best to enter 2 Bluebell St, Alexandra Hills, 4161 into Google Maps or your satnav

- see the Location tab of this website for a map -


- Sadly we no longer offer remedial massage therapy -

- Many thanks to Deborah Sillett for all her past work -

Hello! Welcome to New Leaf Physiotherapy, in the suburb of Alexandra Hills.

I am Philip Taylor and am proud to be the Senior Physiotherapist and Practice Principal.

I strongly believe a physiotherapist must allow time to explain as well as treat, without costing more.

I believe physiotherapy should not just be diagnosis and exercise prescription, but should commonly include hands-on treatment of joints and muscles 

I also believe a physiotherapist should not just address the current problem, but should help prevent it recurring again

I founded New Leaf Physiotherapy in 2008 to contrast with the short  treatment times I was being asked to give patients as an employee in private practice.

At New Leaf Physiotherapy you are the most important person. Hands-on treatment of injured joints, muscles and nerves is my treatment of choice.

I combine this with movement assessment to help understand why your problem happened in the first place, and I train you in ways to help avoid it happening again.

I only use hot packs, ultrasound and electrotherapy as an addition to hands-on treatment, and then only where therapeutically indicated